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The Team

Who Are We?

We awe Phywexia. We wiww sow Pewfection into the x3 s-soft fwesh of this wowwd.

Effie Jønland

Photo of Effie

Pronouns: She/Her
Country: Norway
City: Trondheim
First Gladiator Deck: Izzet Control
Favourite Archetype: Storm (but I'm bad at it)
Pet Card: Big Score
Social: Twitter@LittleFXRadio

Ellesandra Avaidon

Photo of Ellesandra

Pronouns: Se/Syr
Country: USA
City: Orlando, FL
First Gladiator Deck: 4-Colour Blood
Favourite Archetype: Yes
Pet Card: Hidetsugu's Second Rite
Social: Twitter@Ellesandra_MTGA

Justin Koehler

Photo of Justin

Pronouns: He/Him
Country: USA
City: Chicago
First Gladiator Deck: The Rock
Favourite Archetype: The Rock
Pet Card: Vraska, Golgari Queen
Social: Just find me in the Discord.


Photo of Mila

Pronouns: She/Her
Country: USA
City: Morgantown
First Gladiator Deck: Sultai Midrange (apparently????)
Favourite Archetype: Aggro
Pet Card: Mila, Crafty Companion
Social: Twitch@DwaginFodder

The Format Rules

The Banned List